Strategic Research Agenda
Strategic Research Agenda
Strategic Research Agenda

Radioecology Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

The Radioecology Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is a living document prepared by the STAR Network of Excellence in Radioecology for the European Radioecology Alliance. The SRA, with goals of improving research efficiency and more rapidly advancing the science, proposes 15 major research topics in radioecology. Meeting the challenges proposed by the SRA will require a directed effort and collaboration with many organisations the world-over. Such collaboration is planned under the European Radioecology Alliance, which welcomes other organisations with interests in radioecology to join it. 

Take part in the OPERRA e-Survey and give your opinion on priority topics in radiation protection

Closing date 15th September 2014.

There is a coordinated consultation of the four European platforms on radiation protection: ALLIANCE (Radioecology), MELODI (Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative), NERIS (Preparedness for Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Response and Recovery) and EURADOS (the European Radiation Dosimetry Group).

Please find the time to respond to this even if you responded to the earlier consultation on the Radioecology SRA (to respond just on the Radioecology will take about 15 minutes).

The results of the survey will be discussed with stakeholders and may be used in setting research priorities for future calls.

Complete survey now

Previous consultation and development of the SRA

A web consultation (now closed, view the questionnaire) was conducted during Autumn 2012 to give all stakeholders the opportunity to make suggestions and recommendations on this first draft of the SRA. A meeting, jointly organised by STAR and the ALLIANCE, was held in Paris on 12-13 November. This open meeting gave an opportunity for interested parties to discuss the SRA and also to highlight the contribution of the SRA relative to the research agendas of other platforms, such as NERISMELODI and IGD-TP. A summary of the Paris Stakeholder Workshop and the presentations from the meeting are now available here.


Thank you for taking the time to read the SRA and for giving us feedback. We believe that the future success of radioecology is dependent on an internationally integrated effort. Your contribution is much appreciated.

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