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European Radioecology Alliance
European Radioecology Alliance

The Radioecology Roadmap

To implement the Radioecology Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), the ALLIANCE in collaboration with the European project COMET has developed short-term topical roadmaps. In the future the aim is to develop a global roadmap in Radioecology, and a joint roadmap on radiation protection research under the European project EJP-CONCERT, with participation of the major platforms on radiation protection in Europe (ALLIANCE, NERIS, MELODI, EURADOS, EURAMED). The topical roadmaps include:

  1. Marine Radioecology.
  2. Human food chain.
  3. Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).
  4. Atmospheric Radionuclides in Transfer Processes.
  5. Transgenerational Effects and Species Radiosensitivity.


The ALLIANCE is organising a Meeting with External Stakeholders Advisory Board the29th of September 2017 in Paris, to review and evaluate three key strategic elements:

(i)    the topical roadmaps that are under implementation,

(ii)   the global roadmap on Radioecology to be produced for the end of November 2017,

(iii) the present version of the strategic research agenda released in 2013 after incorporation of more than 100 comments from a wide panel of stakeholders.

In addition to the External Stakeholders Advisory Board, the participants to the meeting will be the ALLIANCE Bureau members, the SRA/Roadmap and the topical roadmaps leaders. The expected outcomes of this interactive meeting will be:

For (i): a list of recommendations to enhance the efficiency and the relevancy of each of the topical roadmaps; a list of missing elements; potential identification of other topical roadmap themes.

For (ii): the basic lines underlying the global roadmap, the criteria for establishing priority, timeline and financial needs.

For (iii): the new drivers of the next version SRA, plus recommendations for short to medium term priority research.

For (i) to (iii): a list of advices for better interacting with stakeholders and enhancing ALLIANCE visibility.

This exercise is also linked with ALLIANCE tasks under WP2 (SRA), WP3 (roadmap development) and WP5 (stakeholder involvement) of the EJP-CONCERT.


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