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Meeting on environmental and (eco)toxicological omics and epigenetics

The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) and the UK Environmental Omics Synthesis Centre (iEOS) are organizing a joint focused topic meeting on environmental and (eco)toxicological omics and epigenetics in Ghent, Belgium from 12-15 September. The application of ‘omics in environmental and (eco)toxicological science is a fast moving area of research, with new understanding of the epigenome bringing an important new perspective to understanding of species response to environmental perturbations. Thus the jointly organized meeting will be focused on bringing together the best possible scientists and practitioners in the field of Environmental and (Eco)toxicological Omics and Epigenetics to address key questions within the field and to identify areas that require immediate attention, such as the nature of dose response relationships for epigenetic effects and how to incorporate this information in chemical risk assessment. The aim of this meeting is to showcase these new scientific approaches and insights, as well as their practical and regulatory applications.

 The symposium will consist of platform and poster presentations from selected abstracts as well as opening lectures from world-renowned invited speakers. Invited speakers will provide an overview of key advances that have been made within the field and will also highlight current technologies used for studying epigenetic processes (e.g. companies involved in biochemical test method or sequencing).  This will enable discussions on the available technologies, costs, and development of suitable epigenetic assays for chemical risk assessment. Plenary discussions led by the invited speakers and session chairs from academia, government and industry as well as an expert panel debate will provide a vibrant environment to discuss and identify the key areas that require further investigation and immediate attention, and to generate recommendations for developing or validating epigenetic tests and methods. In addition, poster sessions, coffee and lunch breaks together with social activities in the vibrant historical city center of Ghent will provide many opportunities for networking and discussions.

 Abstract deadline for oral or poster presentations Wednesday 15 June

Earlybird registration deadline Monday 8 August (SETAC/iEOS regular rember 450 €, SETAC/iEOS student member 195 €, Regular non member 550 €, Student non member 235 €).

 Full meeting details :

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