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ALLIANCE webinar: NORM in aquatic systems

The webinar took place on September 30, 2022 (9:30-16:00 CET) and  was organised by ALLIANCE in line with RadoNorm WP 2 “Exposures” and WP 5 “Mitigation”. There were 91 registered participants (27 outside Europe) from 23 countries (7 outside Europe). The maximum number of participants attending simultaneously was 55. The organiser of the webinar was Boguslaw Michalik (GIG, Poland), member of the ALLIANCE Board of Directors and coordinator of RadoNorm Task 5.5 Radiation risk mitigation measures applied in NORM involving industries and remediation of legacy sites.


1_ ALLIANCE webinar keynote. Bogusław Michalik (GIG, Poland)

2_ALLIANCE Webinar. Final agenda 2.0

3_NORM in Aquatic Ecosystems. Bogusław Michalik (GIG, Poland)

4_Naturally Occurring Radionuclide’s in Water Co-Produced by Gas-Oil Industry. Gert Jonkers (independent RPE (former Shell professional), The Netherlands).

5_OSPAR_Monitoring and Assessment of Naturally Occurring Radionuclides. Adam Stackhouse (Environmental Agency, United Kingdom).

6_Tiered Approach to Assessing Risk from NORM Contaminated Scale to Organisms. Amy MacIntosh (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia).

7_Discharges of Production Water from Coal Underground Mining into Inland Waters. Małgorzata Wysocka & Stanislaw Chałupnik (GIG, Poland).

8_Seepages and Leachates from NORM Involving Industries. Jose Luis Guerrero (University of Huelva, Spain).

9_NORM in the Oil and Gas_Discharges into the terrestrial environment. Part 1 and Part 2. Mohammad Said Al-Masri (AECS, Syrian Arab Republic).

10_NORM in the Marine Environment_UK Examples and Proposed Case Studies. Franck Dal Molin (CEFAS, United Kingdom).

11_NORM in Aquatic Systems - Modelling Options. Govert de With (NRG, The Netherlands).

12_Fate and Behaviour of Radium in Water Impacted by NORM. Mathilde Zebracki (IRSN, France).

13_Activities in Frame of RadoNorm Project. Boguslaw Michalik (GIG, Poland).

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