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Alliance activities

The European Radioecology Alliance Memorandum of Understanding sets out the following purpose for the Alliance:

  • Taking advantage of the review, performed during the FUTURAE project, on current European R&D programmes and related activities (e.g., funding processes, training and education, knowledge management, maintenance and optimization of key experimental facilities), with a view to elaborate proposals towards the progressive integration within the scope of a future joint Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).
  • Working together for a sustainable trans-national organisation capable of elaborating and managing such a SRA and ensuring appropriate interface with the wider research community, including universities and key stakeholders.
  • Preparing a common response to the upcoming EURATOM framework call for the creation of a Network of Excellence (NoE) dedicated to radioecological research,education, public outreach and accountability to stakeholders.
  • Ensuring appropriate exchange of information with relevant organisations in the ERA countries, as well as, EU institutions, particularly the European Commission services and other international organisations or societies (e.g., International Atomic Energy Agency, International Commission on Radiological Protection, International Union of Radioecologists).
  • Providing consolidated, collaborative responses to calls in Europe and the world.

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